10 February 2015

Project actors community in Europe

The LLP has funded a number of projects which developed tools to support other LLP project actors in effectively and efficiently implementing their projects. But although (parts of) most products would be relevant for the whole programme, the dissemination and exploitation range of these projects is often limited to the sub-programme/education sector in question. Many of the support products take a rather conventional form: paper-based guidance publications, conventional face-to-face-trainings and conferences, as well as static websites are prevailing. They often lack an attractive feel, and they do not make sufficient use of the potential of multimedia and Social Media. Moreover, they often “fossilize”, i.e. they are produced at a certain point of time, but are not regularly updated and further developed.

PACE seeks to ensure that these support tools will be exploited beyond the boundaries of LLP action lines and education sectors. In the light of the expiring programme period PACE takes care that the valuable European project management know-how generated by the LLP support projects will not get lost and forgotten but be transferred to the new generation of programmes with the high visibility it deserves.

To this end, PACE will systemically collect, analyze, further develop and widely disseminate across education sector results LLP-funded support tools for European project work. A cloud-based Social Enterprise Platform will serve as the backbone of an emerging community of EU project management practitioners which:

-Shares products related to LLP project management
-Further elaborates together PM-related results making full use of multimedia, Social Media and mobile learning
-Develops and implements new forms of self-organized workshop events (bar camps) for networking and sharing.

The PACE consortium is cross-sectoral and consists of three experienced education providers, one cooperative, two networks, and a software developer from AT, BE, IT, DE, and SK.

Project 543137-LLP-1-2013-1-AT-KA4-KA4MP.