09 February 2017

Over the last few decades, qualitative research has been widely promoted within Israeli academia, increasing the number of graduate and doctoral students who employ qualitative methodologies. Despite this growth, significant voids remain in Israeli academia regarding qualitative research teaching and learning:

- A limited amount of courses exist in this area, and they do not sufficiently meet students’ needs
- Qualitative research teachers are not connected to one another, and there is no structured system allowing for information sharing
- There is no organised body of knowledge on pedagogy of qualitative research
- Existing qualitative PhD and MA/MSc dissertations are not documented systematically and accessible online, limiting students’ access to previous knowledge and work 

In response to these voids, E-Qual aims to enhance the capacity for qualitative research in Israeli academia in three related areas:

(1) Teaching: adding courses on qualitative research, encouraging collaboration between lecturers, archiving dissertations and promoting workshops, short courses and expert lectures
(2) Forming a learning community: promote dialogue and peer-learning between students across disciplines and research areas about qualitative methods and create innovative on and off-line learning
(3) Developing resources: building a systematic online database on qualitative methods and pedagogy that will promote both teaching and advanced students’ research; establishing three qualitative research labs comprising the most advanced equipment; and developing online courses on different qualitative methodologies and perspectives

Upon the completion of the project, a comprehensive and updated website will exist and will impact the community of qualitative research teachers and learners in Israel. E-Qual will continue to help teachers and students with the support of the involved institutions. On-line courses will be part of the institutions' curriculum, continuing to impact students.

The list of partners in this project is shown below:

P1 EUCEN (BE) - contractor and coordinator
P2 University of Krems (AT)
P3 Universite catholique de Louvain (BE)
P4 Universidade de Aveiro (PT)
P5 Bar-Ilan University (IL)
P6 Ben Gurion University of Negev (IL) 
P7 Sapir Academic College (IL) 


Project Project 586299-EPP-1-2017-1-BE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.