20 January 2021

Videos from the eucen ULLL Open Fora 2020 ready to watch!
We are happy to announce that the videos from all the sessions during the eucen ULLL Open Fora 2020 are now available in eucen's YouTube Channel

You will find 21 videos in total:

1. The role of LLL in learning cities with
1.1. Seamus O'Tuama and Denis Barrett
1.2. Siubhan McCarthy and Carmel Berendi
1.3. Konstantinos Pagratis, Edith Hammer and Mary Mahony
1.4. John Wooding, Annalisa Raymer and Donald Tracy
1.5 The panel with all the speakers from week 1

2. Higher education work-based learning in a changing world
2.1. Carol Costley
2.2. Anita Morth and Abena Dadze-Arthur
2.3. Eva Szederkenyi and Francesca Uras
2.4. Lucilia Santos
2.5. The panel with the speakers from week 2 and 1 guest

3. Digital learning in continuing education - the aftermath of Covid-19
3.1. Ingrid Le Duc
3.2. Susan Dennett and Ester Martinez
3.3. Peter Van Baalen
3.4. Alfredo Soeiro and Ahidoba de Franchi
3.5. The panel with all the speakers from week 3

4. Bridging active citizenship and ULLL
4.1. Alan Tuckett
4.2. Dorothee Schulte and Mpine Makoe
4.3. Heribert Hinzen
4.4. Katarina Popovic and Maja Maksimovic
4.5. The panel with all the speakers from week 4 and 2 guests

5. How is the Open Fora 2020 connected to the next eucen activities? 
5.1. Wieger Bakker and 1 guest

If you missed the sessions or you want to revisit them and have time to take notes, now is your chance to do so.

Please, start following our YouTube channel so you are informed when new videos are uploaded!