03 October 2016

University-Business Cooperation: Opinions sought!
The European Commission has commissioned a wide-ranging study on cooperation between higher education institutions and business in Europe.

Whether you have participated in university-business cooperation or not already, your participation will be unvaluable to ensure a successful development of policies to encourage and support collaboration.  The survey is set to be the most comprehensive ever undertaken in Europe on this topic, involving all European higher education institutions and a large section of businesses throughout Europe.
To participate: complete the survey in the European language of your choice: http://www.survey.ub-cooperation.eu/ 
The survey itself will take about 15 minutes to complete and all responses will remain anonymous. The deadline for submission of the survey is 11/11/2016
On completion of the survey, you can choose to receive a Cooperation Readiness Assessment for your organisation, which provides insight to assist your future collaboration with business. 
The European Commission thanks you sincerely in advance for your most appreciated support.

Please, let eucen know if you have filled in this survey. Thank you!