12 February 2019

eucen's submitted new proposal under the KA2 CBHE-JP Call UniLab - From University to Labour market in the 21st Century:  a step forward in work-based placements has been accepted.This proposal involves 4 EU countries (BE, ES, AT, FR) and 3 partner countries: Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

The proposal address problems that are common in all partner country unviersities, for example:
- need for practical placement and further employment lives of independence
- need for Career Centres more involved in practical placement procedures
- improvement of practical placement guidance
- improvement of perspectives of emplyment

UniLab intends to contribute to solve thse problems.

The work will start on 15th Jan 2020.

Project 610245-EPP-1-2019-BE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP