08 September 2021

Toolkit on Digital Civic Engagement
The SDCE - Students as Digital Civic Engagers project announces the release of its Toolkit on Digital Civic Engagement, designed to increase the ability and motivation of university lectures and educators to incorporate digital civic engagement activities into their curricula/teaching strategies.

The Toolkit provides practical guidance and tools for HEI educators and lecturers, with a particular focus on updating their skills and increasing their confidence in using digital tools, to embrace effective digital teaching and learning.

The Student Digital Civic Engagers’ Toolkit is designed to teach the top 24 selected tools in under an hour time, following 4 simple steps: 

- Step 1: “In a nutshell” of each tool – A quick overview of each tool
- Step 2: Advantages and Disadvantages of each tool
- Step 3: Learn from others and see the tool in action
- Step 4: Get started with the tool!

You can access and download the Toolkit for free at this link.