14 November 2019

Third Study Visit COMPASS project
The third Study Visit of the project COMPASS - Towards European University Lifelong Learning Model in Moldova was held on 12-14 November in Barcelona.

The Study Visit was organised by the IL3 of the University of Barcelona which is one of the 6 EU partner universities participating in the project. The meeting was attended by over 30 representatives from Moldavian higher education institutions and the Moldavian Ministry of Education.

The academic programme, developed by IL3 in collaboration with eucen, gave the participants the opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences. The Moldavian partners provided a comprehensive overview on the updated status of lifelong learning in the partner universities and at national level, including the vision for development within the COMPASS project. IL3 staff gave a detailed explanation of the organisational structure of IL3, from virtual learning to lifelong comprehensive approach, including a teacher’s testimonial and an extensive account of the past and present Spanish LLL framework and its tendencies in the online education. The Visit was enriched by a presentation on the human and technological resources needed to deploy a distance education system, followed by a workshop based on the use of manual thinking. A visit to the University of Barcelona headquarters, including institutional presentation, concluded the second day. On the third study visit day, Moldavian participants joined the VINCE project Final Symposium organised by eucen, to meet with representatives of lifelong learning universities from many other European countries and learn more about Validation of Prior Learning.

For further information on the COMPASS project, we invite you to visit the project website.