12 July 2017

The VINCE Platform has just been launched
The VINCE Platform is ready to launch!

Check it out now and find out more about VINCE mission, the project timeline and the project consortium!

During the project we will add research and development outcomes, a training programme, a validation resource portal, country profiles regarding validation implementation and much more on the platform.

VINCE will develop university staff training in VPL, adapting existing proven VPL methods to meet the specific needs of newcomers so that they can access HE and more easily integrate into European society. The process will include the design of a set of guidelines, containing fundamental information on the culture and expectations of Europe, the host country, HE in general, the HE institution in particular, and the VPL arrangements and will represent a key tool in designing the training course for HE teachers, validators, advisors and administrators. The adapted VPL procedures will be trialled with candidates who are themselves newcomers. NGOs will be actively involved in the project, as full or associate partners, to ensure that the target users and the ultimate beneficiaries are reached at grassroots level and that their interests are represented in all the project phases. The outputs of the project will form the basis of policy recommendations targeted at decision makers and institutional learners.