05 February 2020

The European Vocational Skills Week is going around Europe!
The expert group Platform of European Associations of VET providers (to which EUCEN is one of the 6 members) suggested some years ago to create the VET Skills Week to the EC. This idea was approved and turned into reality for first time in 2016. The VET Skills Week has been organised in 2016 and 2017 in Brussels, in 2018 in Vienna, in 2019 in Helsinki and this current year 2020 will take place in Berlin.

From now until November 2020 each member of the Platform of European Associations of VET providers (EfVET, EUproVET, EVBB, EVTA, EUCEN and EURASHE) will travel with a picture, explain the idea behind the VET Skills Week to members, associates and partners they meet and send photos to the EC about these exchanges or publish them at @EU_social with the hashtags #EUVocationalSkills  or  #DiscoverYourTalent. Do not be surprised to see us doing this!

Learn more about what EUCEN does in this experts group! Get involved in the VET Skills Week in 2020!