29 June 2022

The European Journal of ULLL (EJULL) Vol 6 No 1 is out!
We are happy to announce the publication of eucen's European Journal of University Lifelong Learning - EJULL, volume 6, number 1. You can find it in the eucen Studies website.

EJULL is a eucen publication, that intends to include thematic papers, research papers, innovative practices and discussion papers. EJULL will be published once or twice every year.

All EJULL papers follow a review process and only the best works will be accepted for publication. eucen wants to reach out to all types of readers and contributors, especially: researchers, practitioners and managers.

The EJULL has ISSN number and each issue will have a DOI for the volume and for each individual paper. Perfect for academics to list their published work in their publications list!

The current volume 6(1) emerges from the eucen Open Fora 2021 and includes 7 full papers an editorial and an interview to Maureen ANDRADE and Karen FERREIRA-MEYERS.

We hope you enjoy it and are encouraged to submit your work in future calls. For questions or comments, please contact us at journals@eucen.eu