23 October 2020

The eucen eJournal of ULLL Vol 4 No 1 is now available!
The eucen eJournal of ULLL that includes the full papers from the eucen Seminar Across the Atlantic 2020 - Surviving critical times - ULLL 4.0 is now available!

You can download the full journal or the chapters that you are interested to read from the eucen Studies page. The eucen eJournal of ULLL is totally free and open source.

The current Vol 4 No 1 eJournal includes eight different contributions, showing examples of how we have coped with the Covid-19 crisis in HE. The papers have been submitted from Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, US and West Indies. 

All authors are very much thanked for their contributions.


Citation: Royo, C; Good, J; Crowley, S; Atabarut, T; Cordie, L A; Wooten, M C; Rowtham, M; Barter, D; Grummell, B; Hornink, G G; Vieira, F; Costa, M J; De Franchi Maschief, A; Perrin, B; Piazza, R (Ed.) (2020): eucen Studies. eJournal of University Lifelong Learning. eucen Seminar Across the Atlantic 2020: How to survive in critical times? University Lifelong Learning 4.0. Vol 4, No 1. © eucen Electronic Press, 2020. ISSN 2616-6674.