01 July 2020

The Entermode Internship Model and Mentor’s Guide
The EnterMode project has developed an Internship Model aimed to support the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial skills of higher education students. The Internship Model developed by the EnterMode project is accompanied by a Mentor’s Guide, which gives methodological guidelines, templates and specific examples on how to implement the EnterMode internship model.

The guide is addressed to company mentors and HEI tutors and provides step-by-step instructions for every stage of the EnterMode internships.

The first version of the guide is ready and will be soon tested through the pilot phase, during which the methods and tools of the Internship Model will be tested and evaluated by both trainers and interns.

More info about EnterMode can be found at this link. 

If you are interested in the project topics, we invite you to join the Community of Practice created by EnterMode on the DISCUSS Platform