21 January 2022

Testing of the SDCE Open Educational Resources
On 25 January, eucen organised the testing of the Open Educational Resources (OERs) developed in the framework of the E+ Students as Digital Civic Engagers (SDCE) project. The aim of the testing was to collect feedback for OER improvement before closing their development.

The Open Educational Resources represents the third output of the project coordinated by the University of Vienna, following the Guide to Digital Civic Engagement and the Toolkit.

The OERs provide teachers with a complete set of resources for introducing digital civic engagement into their teaching in a structured way that complements overall learning objectives. They consist of a set of 6 Modules made of ready-to-use learning activities (including multimedia resources, readings, audio, video, interactive quizzes) and a Pedagogic Guide which explains how to make best use of the resources.

eucen has tested the Open Educational Resources with a group of higher education teachers and professionals, joining the testing initiatives of the SDCE project consortium, aimed to test the resources with a total of 30 educators and 60 students. During the testing, participants were invited to use the materials and share their feedback on their usefulness and user-friendliness, as well as layout. 

The OERs are now being finalised. Once the process is closed, the OERs will be published on the Resources section of the project website. 

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