14 July 2022

Test the IncludeHER MOOC and Open Education Resources
The IncludeHER Erasmus+ project promotes an innovative approach to support migrant women to attain higher levels of digital skills. By doing so, the project aims to reduce the existing digital gender gap.

The project's consortium is glad to announce the release of the IncludeHER Open Education Resources and MOOC.

The IncludeHER Open Education Resources consist of a flexible set of resources to be used by teachers and educators to teach digital skills to migrant women. These resources adapt existing best practices in digital skills education specifically for use with migrant women in continuing education settings. A pedagogic guide is currently being developed to assist teachers and educators in their use of these resources. 

The OERs can be downloaded on the project website at this link.

The IncludeHER MOOC transfers the content of the Open Education Resources into a state-of-the-art open access online course to allow migrant women to develop their digital skills, in a friendly and effective digital environment.

The MOOC includes: 5 modules, 5 introductory sections and snappy summaries, dig deeper sections in each module, inspiring case studies, additional resources including multimedia content and 5 self-assessment quizzes to test your knowledge.

It can be accessed through the project's website.
We are currently collecting feedback about the MOOC from teachers, educators and migrant women. Are you interested in testing it? You can share your feedback by answering this short online form.

All the resources can be accessed for free on the Resources section of the IncludeHER website.