RPL, Validation and Accreditation

15 March 2023

The Transval-EU project invites policymakers, experts and validation and guidance professionals to an international conference in Stockholm (SE), 24-25 May 2023. [+]

06 February 2023

The first face-to-face Transnational Partners Meeting and Study Visit of the Partner UP project took place in Zagreb (HR) from January 31st to February 2nd. The meeting brought together a consortium made up of partners from Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Croatia, Italy, Romania and Ireland, as well as two European organisations (EAEA and eucen), to work together on the improvement of Upskilling Pathways across Europe. [+]

01 February 2023

The PROMISE project consortium came together in-person for the first time in Krems (AT) on January 24-25. A collaboration between the University of Turku (FL), the University of Continuing Education Krems (AT), Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ES), Momentum (IE), the European E-learning Institute (DK) and eucen (BE), the project's objective is to strengthen the ability of Higher Education Institutions to develop students’ entrepreneurial competences by introducing an innovative new skill set: Professional Noticing. [+]

01 December 2022

Professional Noticing to improve Entrepreneurship Education [+]

02 November 2022

The VET4EU2 platform, in the framework of the VENHANS project, has launched its 4th Gazette. If you are interested in VET and HE-VET, if you want to know what is happening in Europe at VET level, this publication will interest you! [+]

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