Management and Quality

01 February 2022

Participation, Performance and Partnership are key and urgent imperatives in the context of our rapidly changing world that demands HEIs to be alert, responsive and proactive actors in helping society address the myriad social, economic and environmental issues we face today. Do you have good examples to share with others? Send your abstract now and join us in June 2022 in Budapest! [+]

27 January 2022

Getting involved in projects is not always easy. Sometimes you need to get your institution involved and not always proposals are successful. But, what about being active in current proposals that need your expertise? what about sharing your views about outputs in the process to be finalised?  [+]

07 January 2022

The Digital Innovation project consortium has just published a Whitepaper providing an overview of the mapping of Digital Innovation Processes for Services, based on Scientific Literature and Expert Interviews. A full Audit has also just been published.  [+]

22 December 2021

We are happy to announce the launch of our next Call for Contributions. We will be collecting abstracts for the three strands of our 2022 conference. Please, read the call, see the deadlines and requirements and send your work by 31 March. Remember that the selected works will be published in the European Journal of ULLL - 6(2)! [+]

21 December 2021

If you missed the eucen Open Fora 2021, you can now hear the presentations from our YouTube Channel. There is a video from each session and the sessions are grouped by weeks. We hope you enjoy it and use these resources! [+]

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