Management and Quality

13 October 2022

European universities offer international opportunities of mobility to their students. However, how can a HEI make this in a more sustainable and environmentally contientious way? The project Green Erasmus is developing tools to help you! Contribute to the research! [+]

06 October 2022

The eucen ULLL Open Fora 2022 invites you to explore four different topics - one every Thursday of the month. Registration is free. Do not wait any more and join us online! [+]

05 October 2022

The Steering Committee of eucen has attended the ESREA conference 2022 recently. The topic "New seeds for a world to come. Policies, practices and lives in adult education and learning" connects very well eucen and ESREA's objectives.  [+]

03 October 2022

Enhanced hubs of cooperation towards HE-VET Excellence in the sustainable tourism sector in Europe [+]

21 September 2022

eucen hosted on Monday 19 September its 6th Policy Talks in Brussels. This year the topic was "Responsive Universities for Lifelong Learning: Making Flexible Learning a reality to sustain current needs in Europe and beyond". eucen welcomed 12 different organisations (including the European Commission,  the LLL Platform, UNESCO Institute for LLL, EUA or EURASHE).  [+]

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