Management and Quality

02 June 2022

On 15 of June, from 16:00CET – 17:00CET eucen is organising a webinar in the context of the Creative Change project. Learning Snacks is a messenger-style microlearning tool, which usually is applied in the educational context. In this webinar we will explore its functions and how it could be useful in the context of project management. This raises motivation and fun in your project team!

06 May 2022

On 24 of May, from 16:15 CET – 17:15 CET eucen and die Berater are organising a webinar in the context of the Creative Change project. Project Facilitation is a cross disciplinary approach which helps you as project manager to design and perform engaging workshops in your project. This raises engagement, fun and performance of your team sustainably.

02 May 2022

The ONE Meeting project has just published its Virtual Collaboration Toolkit, that provides an easy-to-use collection of virtual tools to boost online collaboration in EU projects. [+]

28 April 2022

The 52nd eucen Annual Conference held in Budapest (HU) by the Central European University (CEU) 08-10 June 2022 will focus on key issues such as participation, performance and partnership in HE. How is LLL/CE contributing to improve these aspects in our universities? Register and find out! If your institution is sending more than one delegate: ask for the special discount! [+]

26 April 2022

How does higher vocational and professional tertiary education differ across countries?
Join OECD in their webinar on 05 May at 14:00CET. 
Higher VET programmes play a key role in helping many students transition into the labour market. How different are these programmes across countries? The OECD webinar will present their new report "Pathways to professions: Understading higher VET tertiary education systems". [+]

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