Equity, Social Cohesion and Active Citizenship

02 January 2023

Education for responsable democratic citizenship [+]

31 December 2022

We are pleased to inform you that the newest eucen publication is available now. This time the EJULL includes the papers from the 52nd eucen conference in Budapest (June 2022). You will find the Editorial, six full papers and the interview Three questions to... We thank all the authors for their work.  [+]

15 December 2022

The IncludeMe project has finished and made available three tools that can be very useful in cultural mediation and integration processes: a Good Practice Guide, an Innovative Course for Trainers and a MOOC course. Do not miss them! [+]

13 December 2022

ICTCE conference 2023 hosted by University of Aveiro (PT): “Inclusion and equity in education – achievements and challenges for the training of educators/teachers and other professionals[+]

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