Equity, Social Cohesion and Active Citizenship

13 October 2021

Funded by ERASMUS+, the EUSRexcel Project (Towards a European University Social Responsibility Excellence Award) has been developed throughout 36 months, from September 2018 to August 2021 with the support of CONEXX-EU (Belgium), The University of Applied Sciences VAMK-Vaasa (Finland) The University of Dublin City (Ireland), Innovation Training Centre (Spain), The University of La Sapienza (Italy) and the University Girona (Spain) and around 11 associated partners from the academic sector across Europe to create a network of universities with a USR quality certification - https://socialresponsibilityaward.eu [+]

01 October 2021

Join this face to face event at the Maynooth University in Ireland that brings together university and community partners to share their knowledge and experience across a number of key European policy themes and contributes to a wider debate on the future of Europe. [+]

28 September 2021

We are happy to announce the Call for Papers for the next issue of the European Journal of University Lifelong Learning (EJULL). This special issue of the EJULL will expand on the themes raised during eucen’s Open Fora. Do not miss your opportunity to participate and contribute. Send your abstract!  [+]

23 September 2021

eucen is launching its full month of ULLL activities - the ULLL Open Fora 2021. This second edition includes the topics: Professionalisation in Adult and Continuing Education, Transitions and new learning strategies, Designing flexible learning for adults, Diversity and inclusion in HE. Registration is open - join us throughout November! [+]

08 September 2021

The SDCE - Students as Digital Civic Engagers project announces the release of its Toolkit on Digital Civic Engagement, designed to increase the ability and motivation of university lectures and educators to incorporate digital civicengagement activities into their curricula/teaching strategies. [+]

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