Equity, Social Cohesion and Active Citizenship

28 March 2023

eucen has recently been in the kick-off meetings of 3 new projects:  iBox, Democrat and InWork. Although different projects, all look at social challenges. iBox and InWork are about inclusion. Democrat is about citizens participation and education towards a more democratic and inclusive society. [+]

15 March 2023

The University of Coventry in conjuntion with Aarthus University are offering the possibility of a full PhD scholarship for the research topic of fundamental values of higher education, particularly academic freedom. Share this with your community! [+]

10 March 2023

UNESCO has recently published in their 3rd International Handbook of LLL an article from our former eucen President, Françoise de Viron, and our former eucen Executive Secretary, Pat Davies: New Impulses for a Lifelong Learning University: Critical Thinking, Learning Time, and Space  [+]

28 February 2023

Continuing the efforts to promote inclusive learning SMILE partners gathered for its 14th Full Partners Meeting (FPM) the 7th and 8th of February in Barcelona, and the first face-to-face meeting in 2023. In the meeting, partners worked together to reach three objectives.  [+]

27 February 2023

Given the rapid digitalisation of Higher Education, it is important to consider how Higher Education Institutions' are supporting their staff in maintaining their wellbeing in the digital sphere. This question is addressed in the DWEL project's Report of the Digital Wellbeing in Higher Education Institutions, for which we are now recruiting user testers!  [+]

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