30 January 2023

Join us in Brussels on February 21st to learn more about quality assurance in e-learning provision of vocational education and training (VET). The BEQUEL project will present their developed online benchmarking tool for VET institutions. [+]

02 December 2022

The Bequel Online Benchmarking Tool for Quality Assurance in E-Learning Provision of Vocational Education and Training is now online! It allows VET institutions to assess the state of their e-learning provision and see how they compare to other institutions in their own country and across the EU. [+]

23 November 2022

The final output of the IncludeMe project, a MOOC on intercultural mediation has been launched! Consisting of five modules covering everything from basic mediation skills to guidance on community-building, funding and stakeholder engagement, the MOOC offers an interactive platform for aspiring and practicing intercultural mediators. [+]

31 October 2022

Join us on Thursday 04 November at 15:15CET for the first activity of the 2022 eucen Open Fora. This week we will explore virtual reality with expert Prof (FH) Mag. Michael REINER from IMC Krems.  [+]

06 October 2022

The eucen ULLL Open Fora 2022 invites you to explore four different topics - one every Thursday of the month. Registration is free. Do not wait any more and join us online! [+]

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