22 January 2020

Survey launched by the LLL Platform about Adult Education
The LLLP has launched on the Education and Training (ET2020) framework. The survey aims to gather the views of education and training stakeholders on the ET2020 framework, feeding into a short study that we are preparing on our own initiative as a "shadow report" for the ET2020 Monitor. The LLLP seeks answers from AT, IE, PT, RO and SI.

The survey focuses in early school leaving and adult learning. You will find this survery here (only in English) and takes around 10 minutes to complete. The survey has a first section about policies on inclusive education in general (including feedback on EU initiatives such as the Paris Declaration) and then questions specifically on adult learning and early school leaving. You can only answer the questions connected to adult learning, if you prefer. The deadline for responses is 15 March (only 1 response per organisation).