29 August 2022

Staff development sessions for your ULLL team!
This autumn get acquired with four different topics:

- Thursday, 03 November 2022:
   Digital Learning. Using technology to access knowledge
- Thursday, 10 November 2022:
   Responsible Learning. Connecting with the community
- Thursday 17 November 2022:
   Professional Learning. ULLL as enabler of Talent enhancement
- Thursday 24 November 2022:
   Inclusive Learning. Building a world where everyone is welcome

We offer you a master class each week on the topic shown above. Register now using this online form

If what you want to offer to your staff is some real in depth training sessions, the 2022 Autumn Seminar can fulfil what you look for! The seminar is in Barcelona (ES), 17-18 November 2022. This year the sessions will focus on ULLL as enabler of talen enhancement - how does your offer help learners to progress in their careers? Participants will be able to explore two of the four areas:

- micro-credentials
- badges
- career management
- student centred design

This face-to-face seminar in Barcelona are affordable:
- Price for eucen members 195EUR
- Price for non-eucen members 275EUR

Register to the Autumn Seminar following this link.

See you in November!

Image from Freepik