01 August 2020

Following eucen’s initiatives around the general topic of inclusion of diversity, we submitted in February 2020 a new proposal to explore ethnicity, women in leadership and socio-economic issues. The project wants to promote inclusive HE and to foster and promote the participation, progress and achievement of disadvantaged learners in HE.

The proposal, submitted under Lot 1 (general education and training) of the KA3 "Support for Policy Reform - Social inclusion and common vlues: the contribution in the field of education and training". The proposal includes the following partners:

- eucen (contractor and coordinator)
- Johannes Gutenberg University (DE)
- Maynooth University (IE)
- Turku University (FI)
- University of Malta (MT)
- University of Cagliari (IT)
- Technical University of Iasi (RO)
- Fundacio Solidaritat UB (ES)

Members of eucen interested in the area of inclusion of diversity  could start contacting us and express interest to be involved. It could be possible to involve members of eucen in some activities as Associate Partners.  


Project 621433-EPP-1-2020-1-BE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN