14 October 2016

Self-assess the Social Dimension of your own institution
The COMMIT project has developed a full and comprehensive set of tools to self-assess the Social Dimension in Higher Education institutions. These tools can be used free of charge either downloaing them from the project website or using them online via the moodle courses that the project has developed.

What do you find in the kit?

- Introductory documents to help you understand the tools
- Templates to keep record of your discussions
- Four full tools to self-assess different aspects of your institution

Do you have to work on my own?

You can do so, of course (the kit is very detailed and guides you through the process). But you can also request the involvement of an expert to help your institution going deeper into the activity and to help you design an strategic plan for developing the social dimension in your institution.

If interested to be helped, contact eucen.