06 February 2023

Partner UP First Meeting and Study Visit
Aiming to address the low levels of participation in adult education across Europe, especially among those with low or no prior qualifications, the Partner UP project consortium came together for its first face-to-face meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, from January 31st to February 2nd. In the meeting, the consortium, which consists of adult education providers, government agencies, and associations from Cyprus, Latvia, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Italy and Ireland, in addition to two European organisations, EAEA and eucen, came together to take the first steps towards the development and implementation of the project activities. These will include analysing cooperation mechanisms in adult education at the national and EU level, identifying missing stakeholders, and increasing their engagement in adult education, and specifically in Upskilling Pathways, the EU strategy which aims to facilitate the acquisition of basic skills, i.e. literacy, numeracy and digital skills, among adult learners. The meeting participants also took part in the Partner UP project's first Study Visit, which included a visit to the Craft College based in Zagreb, and a panel discussion on the latest trends in adult education in Croatia.