01 February 2022

Participation, Performance and Partnership - Send your abstracts for the eucen conference in June!
Participation, Performance and Partnership are key and urgent imperatives in the context of our rapidly changing world that demands higher education institutions to be alert, responsive and proactive actors in helping society address the myriad social, economic and environmental issues we face today.

The 2022 eucen Conference hosted by the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest (HU) will focus on key aspects of university LLL in three particular strands:

• University LLL in urban environments to enhance learning communities
• Universities promoting LLL through skills development and effective HRD
• Universities’ roles in enhancing sustainable environment and social inclusion through LLL

We welcome papers and presentations that address participation, performance and partnership within these main areas. You can submit your abstract here

If you have good examples to share with others, why not to share them? Send your abstract before end of March 2022 and join us in Budapest 08-10 June 2022!

Registration to the conference is open - submit your form here.