28 April 2022

Participation, Performance and Partnership - Key aspects of the 52nd eucen Annual Conference in Budapest
The 52nd eucen Annual Conference held in Budapest (HU) by the Central European University (CEU) 08-10 June 2022 will focus on key issues such as participation, performance and partnership in HE. How is LLL/CE contributing to improve these aspects in our universities? Register and find out!

If your institution is sending more than one delegate: ask for the special discount!

We can confirm keynote presenters from George Washington University (US), UNESCO Institute for LLL, ICAE, University of Verona (IT), EUA, University of Malta (MT), ELTE (HU) and more. 

The parallel sessions will include reflective discussion about:

- challenging aspects of learning cities, regions and of learning communities
- workplace and work-based lifelong learning
- sustainable environments and social inclusion

Do not miss the participation in the discussion of such important topics! Join us in Budapest in June!