01 September 2020

Inclusive Peer Learning with Augmented Reality Apps [+]

25 August 2020

eucen's November programme of activities has become Official Partner of the European Vocational Skills Week 2020! 

Register and to send your contribution for the eucen ULLL Open Fora. Join us and you will join the #EUVocationalSkills too. #DiscoverYourTalent in November! [+]

12 August 2020

eucen's heart is torn. A colleague, good friend and long term supporter of eucen has left us this summer. Wise, friendly, witty and knowledgeble, Dr Esko Paakkola has passed away, leaving behind his family and a large number of colleagues and friends who will always remember him. Our thoughts are with his wife and daughters.  [+]

11 August 2020

On the 27th of August the MAGNET project is hosting its final thematic network forum which will bring together practitioners from the Migrant Entrepreneurship field to discuss youth integration through entrepreneurship. The event will be organised ONLINE. [+]

11 August 2020

In the recent weeks several new project proposals in which eucen participates as full partner have been approved! 
These projects deal with topics related to social inclusion, digital learning and inclusiveness, work-based learning, validation of prior learning and entrepreneurship education.  [+]

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