25 November 2022

Is your university working its way to make diversity and inclusion one of its central strategies? Then SMILE can offer you an opportunity to learn your streghts and plan its implementation! [+]

24 November 2022

We have the videos from the Open Fora 2022 available for you all to use. We have nine videos: four Master Classes and five shorter presentations. If you could not attend our events this November, you can now listen to the presentations! [+]

23 November 2022

The final output of the IncludeMe project, a MOOC on intercultural mediation has been launched! Consisting of five modules covering everything from basic mediation skills to guidance on community-building, funding and stakeholder engagement, the MOOC offers an interactive platform for aspiring and practicing intercultural mediators. [+]

22 November 2022

The UniLab project, which brings together universities from different EU and non-EU countries to improve their work-based learning practices, has held its final visit in Barcelona, where partners came together to learn more about how to better connect students with employers. [+]

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