13 December 2022

ICTCE conference 2023 hosted by University of Aveiro (PT): “Inclusion and equity in education – achievements and challenges for the training of educators/teachers and other professionals[+]

02 December 2022

The Bequel Online Benchmarking Tool for Quality Assurance in E-Learning Provision of Vocational Education and Training is now online! It allows VET institutions to assess the state of their e-learning provision and see how they compare to other institutions in their own country and across the EU. [+]

01 December 2022

Professional Noticing to improve Entrepreneurship Education [+]

28 November 2022

Within two years of the ONE project, seven partners from all over Europe have developed and tested ways and methods of international virtual cooperation in European project management. The project's aim is to strengthen the ability to engage in productive virtual collaboration within strategic and structured international projects, to reduce the travel and related environmental impact.

25 November 2022

Share your expertise with colleagues from around Europe at the EUCEN 2023 conference. Send in your contribution before 30 January 2023! To be able to address all features of University Continuing Education, we call for contributions from researchers to administrators to professionals and organisations. [+]

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