08 September 2016

We are happy to announce the first newsletter of HE4U2!
In it you will find an overview of the initial steps and forthcoming activities of this eucen project aiming to develop an approach to the intercultural dimension of higher education. [+]

06 September 2016

Read the latest news from the Tempus project aimed to implement VNIL practices in Russian Higher Education, including information about the final dissemination Conference that will be held in Moscow on 12-13 October 2016. [+]

29 July 2016

The new proposal VINCE - Validation for inclusion of new citizens of Europe, submitted by eucen at the end of May has been approved. Work will start effectively in January 2017. [+]

14 July 2016

Summer is here and holiday breaks have already started. The eucen Secretariat in Barcelona will be open until Friday 05 August at 15:00 and then remain closed until Monday 22 August at 09:00.

Do not forget that the Early Bird registration period for the 2016 Autumn Seminar finishes on Wednesday 31 August! Register now for a special discount!


07 July 2016

The second eucen newsletter in 2016 is out now! It gives you some details about the successful Dublin conference, eucen's 25th anniversary and other activities done since the last issue.

This time the Special Edition insert of the newsletter features the social dimension in HEIs and the important role that eucen has had promoting it. Do  not miss it! [+]