17 March 2022

Open Call for STUDENTS!
SDCE project - Students as Digital Civic Engagers is looking for students who would like to test the MOOC (massive open online course), which will be in English language.

The 1st round for testing:
 5th April - 5th May 2022 (* Registration available until the 5th of April)
INFO and  REGISTRATION: https://bit.ly/TESTtheMOOC

The 2nd round for testing:
- DATE: 
3rd May - 31st May 2022 (* Registration available until the 10th of May)
INFO and  REGISTRATION: https://bit.ly/2ndTESTtheMOOC

DURATION and PLACE: 26 academic hours (26 hours independent learning), via Moodle online platform

PERKS: Participants who have completed the course and provided feedback on the course will receive the University of Tartu digital Continuing Education Certificate with 1 ECTS!

CONTENT: The course has been created to introduce students to different concepts surrounding digital civic engagement and to give the knowledge on how to identify a need for a Digital Civic Engagement project as well as the necessary tools and information for students to become involved in civic engagement, or create their Digital Civic Engagement project. The MOOC consists of six modules:

- Module 1: Digital Civic Engagement - The potential at the intersection of technology and new media.
- Module 2: Where are the opportunities for students?
- Module 3: How to set up a Digital Civic Engagement Project?
- Module 4: Managing a Digital Civic Engagement Project.
- Module 5: How to finance and fund your project including tech focused models?
- Module 6: Marketing your civic engagement project, cause, and collaboration.

Contact info: esta.pilt@ut.ee