11 August 2020

Online Thematic Network Forum on youth integration through entrepreneurship
On the 27th of August the MAGNET project is hosting its final thematic network forum which will bring together practitioners from the Migrant Entrepreneurship field to discuss youth integration through entrepreneurship. The event will be organised ONLINE.

The session will showcase ongoing projects and research, good practices and learning, and will discuss pressing challenges such as the impact of the Covid pandemic and prospects of recovery.


02:00 pm: Welcome & Introduction

02:15 pm: Presentations:
-  Carol Daniels (National Enterprise Network) presenting on the 'Better Futures' project
- Caren Holzman (YBI) presenting on 'Young People on the Move' research
- Armelle Lendan (Aeidl) presenting on 'Young Migrant Capacity Building' project 

03:00 pm: Workshops / Breakouts
- Barriers and challenges faced by young migrant entrepreneurs when starting or growing a business
- Good practices and learning in youth entrepreneurship support
- Impact from the Pandemic and support in recovery

03:45 pm: Feedback & Closing

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