17 March 2020

News from the VET Skills Week
You might already know that you can register your event or activity to associate it with the EC annual European Vocational Skills Week. Please note that even that the current situation might force you to cancel your forthcoming event/activity, you are welcomed to register your initiative. Take the opportunity to register your event/activity if at this stage you are fairly confident it can be held and it will be added to the map of activities planned. If you have to cancel it later on, your event could be taken off the VET skills week map. 

Go here and register your event or activity - eucen has already registered its conference! We believe the 3rd strand in particular matches the topics that the VET Skills Week highlights.

And if you register your event before 30 June, you may win an invitation to attend sessions during the European events of the Week in Berlin. More info. eucen will be there, as every year, representing our community.

Visit the EC's Partners section for 'everything you need to plan a brilliant VET event or activity'.