11 August 2020

New projects in which eucen will participate as full partner
In the recent weeks several new project proposals in which eucen participates as full partner have been approved! 

The projects deal with a range of different topics, such as social inclusion, digital learning and inclusiveness, work-based learning, validation of prior learning and entrepreneurship education. 

This is a preliminary list of the projects approved so far: 

1. IncludeME - Inclusion Through Mediation, funded under KA2-Strategic Partnerships, combining issues related to migrants, refugees, inclusion and accessibility of HE. The proposal aims to map best practices on social mediation across Europe, and based on the findings, to produce OERs and a MOOC. The project will be coordinated by ÅBO AKADEMI (FI).

2. InclusiveHE - Designing and supporting inclusive practices in Higher Education, funded under KA2-Strategic Partnerships, aiming to develop the capacities of HEIs to develop inclusive policies and practices in their operations and in designing and delivering education programs. The project will be coordinated by ÅBO AKADEMI (FI).

3. IncludeHER - funded under KA2-Strategic Partnerships, aiming to increase access to digital education for women from immigrant and minority families, boosting their inclusion, and enabling them to play a greater part in society and economy. The project will be coordinated by Johannes Guthenberg University (DE).

4. i-PEAR - Inclusive Pear Learning with Augmented Reality Apps, funded under KA2-Strategic Partnerships, aims to improve the visual literacies of educators, making learning more visual through static (e.g. comics, mind maps), dynamic (e.g. video) and interactive visuals (e.g. virtual reality). The project will be coordinated by the Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen Nuernberg (DE).

5. Digital Innovation, funded under KA2-Strategic Partnerships, intends to gather up-to-date, reliable information to develop modern course curricula in order to gain a better understanding of how small service companies currently undertake new product development so that we can improve how innovation in services is taught. The project will be coordinated by the Uniwersytet Szczecinski (PL). 

6. Students as Digital Civic Engagers - funded under KA2-Strategic Partnerships, aiming to empower students and young people to become confident civic engagers, by significantly improving the access to and quality of civic engagement/innovation education available to them through HEIs, Colleges, Schools and Youth work organizations. The project will be coordinated by the University of Vienna (AT).

7. ARPEL4Entrep - funded under KA2-Strategic Partnerships, aiming to leverage the infrastructure and competencies of the partners in e-learning and the collective expertise and resources of the partners in creating a programme which would encourage entrepreneurs to pursue studies at Level 7. The project will be coordinated AEA LTD (MT).

8. WBL4JOB - Introducing work-based learning in higher education systems of Armenia and Moldova for better
employability of graduates
, funded under KA2-Capacity Building in Higher Education, aiming to promote work-based learning in the Armenia and Moldovian HE system. The project will be coordinated by the French University in Armenia (AM).

We are still pending information on further project proposals submitted at the beginning of 2020. Updates will be posted in this page. 

Also, the Horizon 2020 proposal in which eucen participates as full partner and expert, ACE - Augmented Science Education, has passed the first stage! We will work with the coordinators in the preparation of the second and final version of the proposal until mid-November 2020. Results should be known by end of January 2021. 

We would like to congratulate and thank all the organisations and people that have worked in the preparation of these successful proposals!