01 November 2021

New eucen Position Paper on Recent Trends in University Lifelong Learning
eucen is pleased to share its latest Position Paper on Recent Trends in ULLL. In this position paper we reflect on the current trends and the role of ULLL. How can we equip HEIs for the future?

This paper emerges from the discussions and feedback collected during the eucen Policy Talks 2021 that was organised on 07 September with participation of a broad number of key stakeholders. eucen thanks all the participants to this activity for their contributions. 

You can also download the presentations from that day here.

Citation: Royo, Carme; Cendon, Eva; Németh, Balázs; Hiebner, Sjelle on behalf of the Steering Committee of eucen. Equipping Higher Education Institutions for the Future – The Role of University Lifelong Learning. eucen Position Paper. Published in 2021 by eucen. Copyright © eucen, 2021. ISSN 2617-0973 Issue 04. 

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