10 July 2018

New Call for papers to RELA on active aging, social inclusion and wellbeing
Find attached a new call for papers for RELA: Active ageing, social inclusion and wellbeing: Benefits of learning in later life. Papers are expected to investigate the following questions or comparable ones with theoretical reflections, historical analysis, and/or empirical research:

▪ What benefits do older adults experience when they engage themselves in learning and education pursuits?
▪ How can learning in later life impact wellbeing, active ageing and/or social inclusion?
▪ Which sectors of the older population benefit most from learning and education?
▪ What benefits can be expected for the social environment (partners, families, communities or even societies) when older adults keep on learning?
▪ How can outcomes of learning an education in later life be researched and investigated?
▪ Do benefits of learning differ in later life from those in earlier stages of life?
▪ When learning and education in later life fail to improve levels of active ageing, social inclusion and wellbeing amongst the older community?

Contributions are expected to be submitted by November the 11th 2018. 

Find all the information in the attachment below!

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