19 June 2019

Magna Charta Universitatum
The Magna Charta Observatory Council has drafted a new Magna Charta Universitatum. This draft is now ready to be consulted.

The new draft Magna Charta Universitatum removes nothing from the original fundamental values to which universities signed up. It strives to be responsive to and resonate with contemporary challenges and concerns. Its tone recognises that the pursuit of the fundamental values has worth along with their actual attainment, which, in practice, is a constant quest. It recognises the more global nature of what universities do and the wider range of local responsibilities which they have.

Feedback on this draft is sought from current signatories, other universities, national and international higher education associations, student and staff bodies. Regional workshops across the globe will also evaluate the draft and its relevance, efficacy and robustness in their particular context.

If you are interested to contribute, follow this link