14 October 2020

Launch of the UniLab project website
eucen, on behalf of the UniLab project consortium, is happy to announce the launch of the UniLab project website. 

UniLab is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under KA2 – Capacity Building in Higher Education, aiming to improve university-business collaboration around work-based learning practices in Russia, Belorussia and Azerbaijan and addressing the need to improve students’ practical placement for further employment. Coordinated by eucen, UniLab will promote peer-learning between 8 universities from three Partner Countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus) and 3 European universities from Austria, France and Spain. A list of full partners is provided on this page.

The project website is addressed to both university and business actors interested in improving work-based practices and work placements for higher education students and graduates. It provides a comprehensive overview of the project aims and phases and easy access to all the tools that will be developed by the project consortium, including national reports on the state of the art of work-based learning in RU, AZ and BY, strategic plans for developing existing or new collaborations, prototype education model, prototype model of extra-curricular activities, and more. At present the project is developing a small Library of useful documents that will gather relevant documentation, including case studies of successful work-based learning practices implemented in the European university partners in the project.
The project website is regularly updated with the latest project news, allowing interested audience to keep track of the project progress and major milestones. Furthermore, UniLab has just launched its own Facebook page, where project news and updates will also be published.
For any questions or comments regarding UniLab, we recommend contacting the UniLab project coordinators as suggested in this page. 

Feel free to download and share the attached Press Release. 

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