23 November 2022

Launch of the IncludeMe MOOC
The IncludeMe Project, a collaboration between Abo Akademi (FI), Tuzla District Governorship (TR), Fundacio Solidaritat (SP), momentum consulting (IE), the European E-learning Institute (DK), and eucen (BE) has recently launched its MOOC. The the Inclusion through Mediation Massive Open Online Course consists of five modules, covering topics as diverse as "Barriers to mediation and overcoming them", "Defining leadership and mediation in a community", and "Becoming an informed voice in media debates and in policy development and resources planning". The MOOC can be used as a self-study tool, or can be incorporated into academic courses or extra-curricular activities within Higher Education Institutions, as well as in non-formal learning contexts. If you are interested in these topics, make sure to try out the MOOC (or parts of it), and to share your thoughts on it via the user testing survey. The IncludeMe team looks forward to your feedback!