30 August 2019

Join the Final Symposium of the VINCE project in Barcelona (ES)
And if you are joing us for the VINCE Final Symposium, why not to stay a bit longer and join us for the 2019 eucen Autumn Seminar? Both activities overlap. When you register here please tick the two boxes. The VINCE Final Symposium is free and co-financed by the EC through its Erasmus+ programme. The Autumn Seminar (cost: 220EUR for members of eucen during the Early Bird period) will extend your stay one more day only. 

Download the preliminary programme here.

What is VINCE?

The flow of new migrants and refugees reaching Europe face many challenges and among them are obstacles to access the labour market or continue their studies, frequently because their competences are not easily recognised in the host country. Their skills and knowledge may not fit into predefined bureaucratic policies and procedures, documentation might be lacking, or the curriculum they followed does not match certification structures in the host country. VINCE has developed a number of tools to help Validation of non-formal and informal learning professionals to work with this type of students in our countries: a set of Guidelines, a Generic CPD course or a set of Policy Recommendations are only a brief introduction to the VINCE products.

VINCE is a project coordinated by eucen.