03 June 2022

Join eucen - the European association of ULLL
We invite you to send your application and join eucen. Please note some important points:

1. Membership is Institutional (not personal). This means that all members of staff of the signing institution have the right to benefit from the advantages (including discounts) that eucen offers. 

2. Membership renews automatically every year. 

3. Members should be dynamic and get involved in the eucen activities. We recommend members to do a number of things:
   a. Register in the eucen website and receive the monthly eucen Highlights 
   b. Subscribe to eucen’s YouTube channel  and have access to resources
   c. Subscribe to eucen’s thematic newsletters relevant to you:
      i. Inclusive Europe 
      ii. Digital Ways  
      iii. LLL Pathways  
      iv. Creative Virtual Collaboration  
   d. Follow the above thematic groups in Facebook and/or LinkedIn (you will find them doing a search in these platforms)
   e. Register to our online activities. These are free – do not miss them!
   f. Register to our annual conference and/or Autumn Seminar. These events allow you to submit abstracts, present your work, write full papers for the European Journal of ULLL and, very important, network face-to-face with colleagues!

We hope you are soon part of our community! 


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