14 September 2018

International scientific and practical symposium in Rostov-on-Don (RU)
In 7-9 October 2018, the international scientific and practical symposium "Unconscious in the spiritual life of man: a retrospective and perspective of research in psychology, philosophy and pedagogy" will be held in Rostov-on-Don (Russia), hosted by the Don State Technical University. Scientists from Russia, Georgia, Switzerland, USA, Netherlands and Germany will take part in it. You are invited to participate.

During the symposium, topical scientific and practical questions on influence of the unconscious on psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy and pedagogy will be touched upon:
- the problem of the unconscious and its influence on man and the psychology of meaning;
- the past and present psychology of the unconscious and psychoanalysis;
- the influence of the unconscious on modern scientific and pedagogical discourse, the problems of in-depth training and learning using neural networks;
- the problems of modern hospital and social pedagogy and many other topical issues of unconscious processes.

If you are interested in this activity, please contact the organisers direct by phone to +7 (863) 238-13-56 or email dstu_projects@mail.ru