22 August 2022

IncludeMe Innovative Training Course
The IncludeMe (Inclusive through Mediation) consortium is pleased to announce the publication of the project’s Innovative Training Course.

The Include Me innovative training course seeks to create a transformative and sustainable approach to the delivery of mediation education while promoting peer to peer mediation within communities. The Training Course offers resources which provide educators with new knowledge and skills to improve their delivery of mediation education.

The IncludeMe Innovative Training Course includes 5 different modules:
• Introduction to Community Mediation
• Leadership and advocacy skills in developing strong, positive and equitable communities
• Communications and Media Practices
• Effecting change - strategies and new approaches
• Resource model - levering public and community investments, attracting resources

The course was designed as a flexible set of resources, designed to be used on their own or together. Each module can be downloaded for free on the project's website, and edited by educators as they wish according to their needs.

Visit the project’s website to read more about the Course and the IncludeMe project.