01 February 2021

IncludeHER Forum on how to empower migrant women's digital skills
On 26 January 2021 eucen organised an interactive workshop in the framework of the IncludeHER Erasmus+ project. 

The activity was designed to discuss with a selected number of experts how to better support migrant women's digital competences. The challenges for students from migrant background were discussed, along with the need for innovative tools and methods to empower learners in developing their digital skills. The participants also had the opportunity to discuss and share their impressions on the use of DigComp, the Digital Competence Framework developed by the European Commission to improve citizen's digital competence.

This was the first of a series of activities that will be organised, by each of the IncludeHER partners, during the two-year projects. The aim of these discussions is to give voice and agency to learners in the issues that concern them and allow representatives of our target groups to freely discuss, criticize and help us mould the intellectual outputs into resources that authentically respond to their real-life needs and interests.

The Include Her project aims to develop and mainstream an innovative approach to empower female migrants in higher education to attain higher levels of digital competence. Based on the recognition of gender differences in motivation and engagement with digital technology, the project resources will better equip HEIs in all participating countries to improve the digital skills of migrant women, helping redress the gender imbalance in the digital sphere. 

More information on the project can be found here.