15 October 2021

IncludeHER - A Digital Route Map for migrant women
The IncludeHER project has recently published its first output - a Digital Route Map by which migrant women can assess their digital skills and learn how to improve thier digital knowledge and confidence.

The project aims to empower women from migrant backgrounds and the higher education lecturers/staff that teach them to use technology and digital tools to support their work, their study, and other aspects of living in a digital age.

The Digital Route Map is a self-assessment tool based on the EU’s Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) and in no more than 30 minutes allows users to assess their competences in 5 key areas (Information and data literacy; Communication and collaboration; Digital content creation; Safety; Problem solving). 

Once they complete the test, users receive an individual report with an overview of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations about which modules of the IncludeHER development resources they can use to improve their digital skill level.

What are the assets of the IncludeHER self-assessment tool? 

- It is the result of the collective work done by a partnership made up of higher education institutions and organisations which work closely with migrant women, therefore its content is tailored specifically for this target group
- It is based on Digcomp, thus the assessment can be easily recognised throughout Europe
- It presents digital skills in a simple and clear way 

The IncludeHER Digital Route Map can be accessed via the Resources section in the project website and is available in English, German, Greek and Portuguese. 

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