19 September 2018

How to integrate Cultural Diversity in your classrooms
Do you find that the integration of cultural diversity in your classrooms is a challenge? Or, on the contrary, you have found the way to make cultural diversity an asset for you and your groups of learners?

eucen has found out during its HE4u2 project that including some variations (or interventions) in existing curricula make an improvement in the way students with different ethnical background feel in the classroom. But it is not only us - we know that others have developed tools to improve this aspect.

Join us in Barcelona 15-16 November 2018! We will explore why cultural diversity is important, how to enhance it at higher education level, how integration of diversity has helped migrant students and which interesting practices have been proved to be better learning environments!

You can bring your models or tools and explain how they work and why they work. There is a Call for Contributions still opened - do not miss the opportunity and submit your case!

Join us for the HE4u2 event only (free) or join us for the full 2018 eucen Autumn Seminar

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