28 April 2017

How to adapt to the fast-changing needs of labour markets?
The fast-changing labour market require efficient ways of up-skilling and re-skilling in the whole Europe. Our conference deals with the question of which role each European stakeholder of Vocational Education Training (VET) and Professional Higher Education (PHE) can play. What is, for example, the relationship of VET and Professional Higher Education? How could eucen contribute to further discussions on the issue engaging not only VET providers, but a range of other stakeholders and partners?

eucen's forthcoming conference aims to promote the discussion on VET/PHE permeability, flexible pathways, recognition of prior learning, work based learning, continuous higher education and various forms of vocational training and hopefully to share existing models or ideas to help us deal with the current challenges.

Keynote speakers of the level of Dana Bachmann (Head Unit E.3 - DG Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion, European Commission) or Ada Pellet (Rector - FernUniversitaet Hagen, Germany) will bring a rich and inspiring input to the discussion. 

Do not miss this event!  

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