03 June 2022

How is telework impacting your life? Participate and tell us about your case!
We invite employed women, adult educators, learners and individuals in general working remotely since the pandemic to participate and send their case studies for the Library of Experiences of the Balance project!

The Library of Experiences constitutes a collaborative online space especially for women affected by the pandemic, where they can share their work-life balance related stories and needs.

The experiences we want to capture are those from individuals who had never worked in a remote format before Covid-19 and that in March 2020 had to adapt to this situation. It will be specially interesting to interview individuals who do not live alone and are responsible from other members of the family. How have you managed to balance work and private life?

The participation in the case study would consist in filling in a template that you can download from this page and sending us your filled in document via email.

Feel free to share this call with others who could be interested in participating in the case studies! We want to hear how has been your experience!

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